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PLEASE READ: Business Connections Live TV is a live show and for you to get the most benefit we suggest you promote your programme to your customers and clients. So please market to your email list, tweet your followers, tell your connections on LinkedIn and share on Facebook and tell them why they should watch and what you are talking about.

The programme is a powerful on-going marketing tool for your business. You will receive fully branded highlights and key takeaways video of the programme for your website, social media or client introductions £650.00 + VAT.

Your show will be live on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Ustream. Then available on iTunes, Sticher, Bluberry and across America and Europe on ROKU.

If you wish to embed the full show in your website, please provide a backlink to https://businessconnectionslive.com

This information is for the programme page on the Business Connections Live website.

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Please provide a subject title and an overall paragraph on the subject topic. Please write in the third person remember keywords for SEO.

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This is a bit of background. (Please write in the third person. Achievements and expertise brief Biog.) 

These are your interview questions.
These form the core questions you will be asked. Try to think customer benefits and not features. "You have the time to make more calls while we do your paperwork"

Who you are, name of your business and what you do*

What problem do you solve for your customer?*

How can you make their life easier?*

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Downloadable Giveaways: Please supply any supporting documentation such as a giveaway of hints and tips which we can feature on our website and remember to bring with you any authored published material that you may wish to mention. Please add a link

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