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Most “Transformation” isnt

– and how we can achieve it for real

The majority of corporate transformation programmes fail and the word ‘transformation’ has topped the list of jargon words business leaders want to get rid of. In this show Sophie Sabbage, who has worked in the field of personal and corporate transformation for 25 years, has identified the most critical and resisted factors for achieving the real thing.

Who is Sophie Sabbage

Sophie is a transformation specialist with a background in psychology and organisational change. She is a twice Sunday Times bestselling author of two life-transforming books. She has equipped thousands of people around the globe to transform the quality of their lives.

She established her own consulting business in the 90s and has helped leading brands evolve and transform in response to changing winds. In the past five and a half years she has transformed a death sentence into a life sentence having been diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014.

As an author, speaker, consultant and high-profile patient activist she has made numerous media appearances (including BBC Breakfast, Sky News, ITV Lorraine, Woman’s Hour and most leading newspapers). She knows more than most about what transformation really takes.



On this edition of Business Connections Live, Sophie Sabbage will explain:

  • Why one of the most powerful words in the English language has been reduced to jargon.
  • What transformation really is and when it is really needed.
  • Some of the most critical and resisted factors for achieving transformation.
  • Examples from her own experience of when it has worked and failed.
  • Insights from her personal experience of transforming her relationship with cancer (and the cancer community too).
  • The problem with ‘sustainable transformation’ as a concept and strategy.

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • How to prevent transformation fatigue
  • How to restore transformation to its rightful place in your business
  • Clarity about the key enablers of transformation (and common blind spots 
  • An understanding of unconscious forces that hinder transformation
  • Seeing the essential role of unexpected and unwanted events in transformation
  • What to look for when investing in ‘transformational’ consultants

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