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Creating a WordPress Blog for your business can be exciting and fun but many business owners don’t know where to start. On tonight’s edition of Business Connections Live, we talk to Rafi Akbar – Founder and CEO of Luckywebs about how to choose a Domain, install WordPress and customize the look of your websites Theme.

Building a WordPress Website from Scratch

Startups are the important building blocks of future business. They need websites and blogs that represents what they do online. But no one seems to know the best place to start; how to work out a budget, how much time to put in, what to do themselves and what to do via others. Backing up a website, securing it, getting it up the pecking order in Google, how to add content, how to add images the right way and avoid copyright issues. Luckywebs was set up to address all these challenges a startup face when setting up a website on a budget.

What you will Learn

  1. Sort out your web address: Getting a domain the easy way
  2. Choosing a web hosting company: Web hosting made easy
  3. Introducing WordPress: Installing “WordPress” with the click of a button
  4. Setting the look and feel of the website: Sourcing, buying and installing a “Theme”
  5. Creating content in pages and blog posts: Adding text, images & videos
  6. Additional extra functionalities: Installing plugins

What you achieve with WordPress

  1. Getting a website up and running in a day by using self-hosted version of WordPress
  2. Backups: Backing up the entire website with the click of a button
  3. Security: Adding layers of security easily for additional protection
  4. Convenience: Collaborate with bloggers, developers and designers securely
  5. Generating revenue by selling products and services online
  6. Building a mailing list


Rafi runs a hands-on WordPress course at Google campus each month. The course is only for startups and individuals who are complete beginners and are happy to bring a laptop and sign up to their own web-hosting package on the day. The 8hrs course is free of charge.



Business Connections Live Programme 70

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