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Winning Business Using Video

The Secrets of Selling in a ‘Televisual’ Age

The 3 keys essentials to winning business using video conferencing and video creation

Remote working and remote communication are no longer the province of international organisations it is the norm now for every business.

It is therefore essential for us to be effective in this age of video conferencing and understand how to engage, enlighten and entertain, yes entertain our audience, so that they buy what we’re ‘selling’, be it a product, a service or indeed ourselves.

For many years Dexter acted as the chief guest trainer at QVC The Shopping Channel appearing in front of the camera selling £millions of products for major brand and teaching others how to do the same.

This expertise of selling through a TV screen has come full circle as now, working in the corporate world, he is using those same processes to coach his clients how to win business from their video conferencing and video creation activities.

He will now share with us some of the secrets of how to stand out from your competition and win the contracts you deserve. He is putting the finishing touches to his online video course Stand Out and Win taken from his book Stand Up and Sell.

Who is Dexter Moscow

Dexter is the Managing Director of Audience Dynamics and Author of Stand up and Sell teaching individuals and sales teams how to be more persuasive and influential in their business winning activities.

In this Covid era his focus is helping his clients have the confidence and skills to be more effective in their video conferencing and creating videos for their social networks and websites drawn for his experience guest presenting on QVC The Shopping Channel and being their chief trainer for 16 years.

He also works with major organisations helping them be more effective in their presenting and corporate communication such as Lego, Mothercare, accountancy practices and Law firms.  


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Dexter Moscow:

  • 2-minute influential story telling framework
  • The 4 cornerstones of an effective presentation
  • 30 second commercial
  • The three E’s of an impactful presentation
  • Delivery techniques

Learn what you can expect to achieve :

  • More confidence in their video conferencing
  • Creating compelling content for their presentations
  • Gain higher level of ‘buy in’ for their ideas
  • Winning more business through their interactions
  • Gain referrals from their talks
  • Business winning videos

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