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Creating a profitable business

Want to create a profitable food business?

Start here with Claire Brumby and The Winning Mix – her debut best-selling book

Thousands of new business start every year. While each one is unique, many of the barriers and problems they experience are the same. Claire Brumby explains how she created a profitable food business, growing it from an idea into a successful business. Creating a profitable business is every entrepreneur’s dream and on this edition of Business Connections Live, Claire describes some of the techniques she used to grow her business.

Claire story is fascinating you will find out

  • How her near-death experience shaped her decisions on what she did next.
  • How she used guerrilla marketing and the amazing wins it gave her.
  • How she got a picture of Chris Evans with a bag of Scrubbys in his mouth.
  • How she found herself at St James’s Palace twice as a food entrepreneur.
  • How she sipped on royal champagne whilst meeting royalty.
  • Her Dragons’ Den experience.
  • How she’s failed at times, but why this has helped mould her into who she is now.
  • Some amazing top tips to save you time, money and sanity on your journey.
  • What you need to do when creating a profitable business

Who is Claire Brumby

Claire Brumby is a coach, mentor, speaker & consultant working with food businesses nationally and internationally from start-up to established ones looking for growth.
She founded a multi-award winning healthier snacking brand, is the best-selling author of The Winning Mix, and a Channel Relay Swimmer, all in all, she lives life pushing herself well out of any comfort zone!

Claire’s journey has provided a bounty of experience both good and challenging; bringing a brand from a dream to conception and reality. Claire can articulate this not only through the eyes of an entrepreneur but also as a woman, wife and mum of three children.

Claire has many a tale to tell from how she found herself invited to St James Palace, to networking with royalty, pitching on Dragons Den and rubbing shoulders with celebrities.
She is also a proud mum to her three children, a Virgin Start-up Mentor, a judge for the Quality Food and Great Taste Awards and writes and deliver seminars, workshops and masterclasses for clients including Nottingham Trent University and London Metropolitan University on subjects including: building a brand or launching a food business and much more.

Claire has appeared on national TV and radio stations sharing her business insights on creating a profitable business


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Claire Brumby explains:

  • Have you been dreaming up a food business for years and would like to know how to start?
  • Would you like to learn how someone else did it?
  • Food or non-food start-up, listening to Claire’s journey will help you get started.
  • Would you like a push or some encouragement?
  • Are you stuck in a job you don’t like, and some inspiration from someone who took the leap will help you?
  • Do you believe you have the next big product success story and would like to know what next?

Discover and learn the lessons from a successful entrepreneur including :

  • Find answers to whatever you are grappling with now if you are thinking of launching your own food business.
  • You will take comfort from knowing you are not alone.
  • You’ll find your own courage to either take your leap and not be afraid of the risks or realise actually it’s not for you to take that leap, but at least you can stop tormenting yourself; you will have made a decision.
  • You’ll find the courage to continue if you are facing tough times right now.
  • You’ll have had my help to avoid being amongst the 1 in 4 entrepreneurs who fail in the first 24 months.

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