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https://businessconnectionslive.com How to use the Teleprompter.
Have you ever wondered how on screen presenters look so polished and professional, not hesitating or fluffing their lines. The answer is simple its all down to the Teleprompter. You may know it as an autocue, this is a brand name. Business Connections Live host Steve Hyland demonstrates some simple tips and techniques to improve your on screen performance and get the best out of this essential piece of equipment for your online business videos.

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The Top Ten Tips for using a Teleprompter :

  • Write your script to be spoken not read. Tell it not read it!
  • Practice Practice and Practice because Practice makes perfect.
  • Stand and deliver with passion and energy.
  • Smile and enjoy
  • Watch your eyes, don’t be shifty
  • Use facial expressions and emphasise with your hands
  • No need to shout
  • Don’t race the teleprompter. Remember the prompter follows you.
  • Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!
  • Remember, it’s only Television.

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