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LinkedIn, most people are on it but have no real idea of what to do with it. How LinkedIn and Social Media can be used to Generate Leads. https://www.businessconnectionslive.com

The F words are never thought about. Find and Found are the corner stone’s of your social selling platform.

Have a good optimised profile is one aspect, the getting Found but being able to search and Find potential leads is another.

  • We look at the basics of a good profile and why it’s important as well as a quick overview of searching.
  • How to organise your connections.
  • Connections and how to use them for lead generation…what are Tags.

How LinkedIn and Social Media can be used to Generate Leads

By the end of this edition of Business Connections Live you will understand the basics and have a better understanding of:

  •  Better lead generation
  • The power of a well optimised profile that attracts new business because you can be found
  • How to get to be seen as the Expert
  • How to have people contact you instead of you having to prospect for new leads.
  • How to attract new Followers who could turn into customers

Social Selling and what this means – prospecting, making contact, building relationships, next steps..taking the relationship off line…meet up in person possibly

  • Why Listening is important – find the value in the social noise.
  • Daily tasks to help you stay on top of LinkedIn
  • Best ways to manage and post using Hootsuite.

You will also find out why

  • Optimisation is important
  • Publishing
  • Searching LinkedIn and Twitter get results
  • How Setting up searches allows you to monitor the noise

Our Guest is Angus Grady MD of Customeyes Media

Angus provides LinkedIn training, strategy and business development services that use social media platforms for lead generation. Customeyes Medias aim is to help clients Listen to the social media noise and be able to tune into the opportunities. Social Selling is very much the in word and their services help that.

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