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The Big New Year Business Show from Business Connections Live TV.
Yes it the start of a new year. But are you ready to hit the ground running in 2017.Steve Hyland and Linda Bazant bring you those vital Business nuggets of advice to motivate you into 2017 from our team of expert guests on our new year business show.

With advice from Steve Mills, Jackie Jarvis, Neil Ackroyd, Rupert Honywood, Jeff Downs, Theda Gray, Mark Tillison, Michael Johnson,Deborah Hulme, Andrew Weaver, Vic Williams, Ali Crump, Dr Lynda Shaw, Sylvia Baldock, Victoria Vickery, Ginny Carter, Christian Bjarnram, Ben Chai, Alison Haill, Jim McLaughlin, Nicky Kriel, Linda Bazant, Penny Power OBE, Louise Punter

Watch the full New Year Business Show HERE! With all your favourite Business Connections Live Guests and experts.

The Big New Year Business Show 2016 Guest List…

Steve Mills – Re-Targeting your Adverts BCL137

Jackie Jarvis – Stress Free Selling BCL 138

Neil Ackroyd – How to Sell Your Business BCL 139

Sylvia Baldock – Unlock the Potential in your Business BCL 140

Rupert Honywood – Lead Generation BCL 141

Jeff Downs – B2B Selling BCL 142

Theda Gray – Overcome Obstacles to Business BCL 143

Mark Tillison – Social Media Opportunities BCL 144

Michael Johnson – Big Brand Lessons for SMEs BCL 145

Deborah Hulme – How Neuroscience can Develop Leadership BCL 146

Andrew Weaver – Start Ups and Perseverance BCL 147

Vic Williams – Brexit Opportunities for Business BCL 148

Ali Crump – Benefits of Driver Safety BCL 149

Dr Lynda Shaw – Influence with the Science of Emotion BCL 150

Victoria Vickery – Why isn’t your Marketing Getting Results BCL 151

Ginny Carter – How to Write a Business Book BCL 152

Christian Bjarnram – Triggering of Article 50 BCL 153

, Ben Chai – Ultimate Goal Setting BCL 154

Alison Haill – How to be an Effective Public Speaker BCL 155

Jim McLaughlin – GDPR – Data Protection Regulations in May 2018 BCL 156

Nicky Kriel – Convert Conversations To Customers BCL 157

Linda Bazant – Brexit Due Diligence BCL 158

Penny Power OBE – The Importance of being Digitally Skilled BCL 159

Louise Punter – The Importance of Exporting for SMEs BCL 160

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