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Entrepreneurial Business Success With Tech

With the advancement in technology, the layout, environment and set-up of the office space has evolved hugely in the last decade. The difference can be seen from ‘breakout’ areas being the norm at Silicon Roundabout-based companies to some companies now being completely remotely based.

Businesses still implement practices simply because it’s the way they always have done – whereas technological developments and cultural change means they could and should adapt their methods accordingly.

Productivity within businesses is a topic never far from the news agenda and it’s something that has not been fully tackled by businesses in the UK – some appear stubborn to embrace change and utilise smarter working. Allowing flexibility among staff can reap huge rewards for a company. Employers are motivated, more productive and are able to make time for those things most important to them, such as a young family.

Entrepreneurs SME’s and small business owners are all striving towards Entrepreneurial Business Success. It’s a mindset of “can do, not can’t do”. Regardless of what market sector you’re in there are key business fundamentals that every entrepreneur can apply to their business. One such company is Powwownow who offer businesses a number of time saving technical solutions.

Powwownow focus is simple:” Helping our customers to collaborate and get their work done is our first and foremost priority. Whether you’re using your phone, tablet or computer to connect, we work hard to achieve 99.9% uptime so that you can get talking whenever it suits you.”

On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to Jason Downes, General Manager & SVP at Powwownow about how technology is helping bridge the gap between SMEs and their multi-national competitors.

Entrepreneurial Business Success With Tech:

  • The methods and practices businesses still employ which are out-dated
  • What the future of the workspace may look like in 5/10 years
  • How technology is helping bridge the gap between SMEs and their multi-national competitors
  • How flexible working can successfully be implemented in to a workforce
  • What is smarter working and why the 9-5 will become a thing of the past

By Using Tech:

  • Employers can increase productivity in the workplace
  • You can utilise methods for adapting the workspace to fit in with modern business culture
  • You will re-enforce the importance to both employers and employees of establishing a work/life balance
  • You will achieve a greater understanding of how SMEs can level the playing field between them and large companies by utilising technology

Jason Downes is SVP & General Manager of the UK’s leading free conference call service provider. In addition to providing conference call services Powwownow is a telecommunications company within its own right, so customers are guaranteed the best quality calls. Powwownow offers audio conferencing, screen sharing, call recording, scheduling tools and mobile apps for free. Powwownow is a PGi company.

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Website: https://www.powwownow.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/powwownow

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powwownow

ou can have a Powwownow anywhere you’ve got phone signal or an internet connection.

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