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Dealing with Change in Business

and coming out on top

Dealing with change and transition are big business at the moment. However, how do you cut through the fads and fictions that surround change, disruption and transformation by looking at how successful changes are handled.

What is digitalisation, disruption and transformation?

There’s a lot of high-level fluffy talk about the topic. Even our highest seats of learning can’t differentiate between digitalisation, disruption and transformation.
What’s less important is scrambling around to avoid “Fear of missing out”.

What’s more important is finding the things that make you profitable, relevant and competitive and being nimble enough to stay there. So is your business dealing with change the right way?

Who is Justin Roux

Justin is a full-spectrum communications director in environments of extreme challenge and change. He has an extensive track record of strategy and execution in transforming, growing and protecting organisations, and aligning them with their purpose, strategies, customers and communities.

His experience covers internal and external communications in stock-listed, public-sector and private-equity structures in 43 countries around the world.

He has held senior positions in the world’s most diverse metal manufacturer, a FTSE 100 technology company, and a global NGO. Today he is sharing his experience and battle-scars as MD of Shift Actions – a change and transformation consultancy nick-named the SAS of consultancy.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Justin discusses:

  • How to look at challenge and opportunity methodically
  • How to keep a balance of internal, customer and market views
  • Understanding the concept of disruption and transformation properly
  • Clarity on all the hokum that surrounds the topics of disruption and transformation

You will Learn

  • Be able to have, progress (and fail) new ideas effectively
  • Not get railroaded into faddish talk about disruption and new normal
  • How to produce a validated idea in a way that warrants low-risk investment
  • Getting ideas to the point that you can make a decision upon them

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    Website: www.shiftactions.com

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinroux/ 

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