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Why join the Networking Scene?  Business Scene is a national business community for entrepreneurs & business owners focussed on helping them build more successful businesses. On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to Warren Cass, Founder of Business Scene and ask why being a member of a networking organisation is so important to SMEs.

You need to evolve your business thinking in a changing society. We live in a relationship economy, but never have they been so complicated. With 5 distinct generations in the workforce, all with different consumer behaviours & attitudes, how does a modern business adapt?

Traditional marketing is becoming less effective so it is important for business to network more effectively by employing simple strategies for developing strong relationships.




What you will achieve

  1. How society is changing and what that means to your business
  2. Why traditional marketing is becoming less effective and what modern alternatives are getting results
  3. How technology is changing the way we work
  4. Why it is important for all of us to have one eye on the future
  5. Simple strategies for developing strong relationships
  6. How to network more effectively

What you will learn

  1. More confidence with their networking
  2. A better understanding of change and how it relates to them
  3. Several new marketing strategies to develop their businesses

Warren Cass is Founder of Business Scene, and a professional speaker for over 10 years helping audiences to think different, embrace change & grow their influence

Visit Business Scene here

Twitter – @WarrenCass (You can tweet Warren here)

LinkedIn – You can LinkedIn with Warren here


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