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Corporate Wellness Better Work Performance.

Detox Your Diet for Maximum Performance at Work. Switched on employers are starting to realise that one vital key to a flourishing business is the health of their employees. In Corporate Wellness Better Work Performance the overall aim of the programme is to promote a revolution in how employers approach their staff’s wellbeing resulting in building a healthy, happy and engaged team by integrating your company approach with corporate wellness.

This edition of Business Connections Live will be a valuable insight into how to promote the health and, as a result, the wealth of your business. A healthy, happy employee is a productive one.

Kate Cook is a Corporate Nutritionist, published author and speaker


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Kate will explain:

  • Why detox matters
  • What do we count as a detox?
  • How can it help?
  • How to get started?

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • Vibrant energy
  • Better and more sustained concentration
  • How to take control of health
  • Better performance at work (clearer thinking etc)
  • How to take control of liver health and digestion
  • How to give your body time to get back to equilibrium after the excesses of the festive season

Kate Cook (born 24 April 1962), Nutrition and Wellness expert, author and keynote speaker who lives in the UK. She is a graduate in History, Economic History and Politics from Royal Holloway College, London but later went on to study nutrition for three years at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.

Kate Cook has been leading the Wellness revolution within companies for several years. Her nutritionist training informs her philosophy that factors beyond diet, such as mental attitude, happiness, fitness, time management and sleep are necessary to the holistic mix that creates a healthy, happy workforce. Cook has helped a number of leading institutions including The Bank of England, Skanska and Conocophillips.

Cook owns a Harley Street practice and still retains a small clinic, although her main focus is the transformation of health in the workplace and transforming the health of restaurants and workplace restaurants as a food consultant.

Cook appeared as the nutritionist in “The Truth About Beauty” TV series with Martine McCutcheon (2008), and has been featured in magazines such as Zest,  Marie Claire, Red and The Sunday Express. Kate wrote a column for Closer magazine for a number of years (2006).

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