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Streamed live on 14th May 2014
‪https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/‬‬‬‬‬‬ – How to Network Exhibit and Visit a Business Show – Business Connections Live Programme 35 Broadcast 14th May 2014

Every year up and down the country there are a number of business show. On this edition of Business Connections Live we discuss the benefits and the techniques to have a successful and profitable business show.

We talk to Stefan Thomas – Author of Business Networking for Dummies and Director of 4Networking and Michelle Turner-Davidson Regional Leader and Business Show Stand/Networking Manager for 4Networking. We discuss The Business Show which is being held at Excel on Thursday and Friday 15th&16th May 2014 and how shows like this can grow your customer base and engage new prospects.

Every business show is an opportunity to network make new clients but what are the key things to remember when your at the show as a visitor or exhibitor.

How to Network Exhibit and Visit a Business Show

Stefan (http://www.noredbraces.co.uk/) exhibits at The Business Show and shares his experiences over 6 years as an attendee, exhibitor and speaker. What he’s got out of it and how other people can maximise their opportunity over the two days. He gives advice on

  • How to network at a business show
  • How to exhibit successfully
  • How to get the best out of the show as an attendee

Michelle explains that as an exhibitor The Business Show has such a massive audience that 4Networking have to be there, it is a huge marketing opportunity for us. We recognise that it isn’t just the attendees we can meet and connect with but the other exhibitor’s and speakers.

In business, networking (in whatever form) is key to developing business leads, sales advice and growth. The Business Show offers a full range of connections. Within our network we have the full range of individuals and businesses to connect with and 4N members from all over the country come down to work on the stand and the 121 networking area. In fact many of the show exhibitors are already 4Networking members.

All three of the 4N directors are speaking at the show. A successful business show provides a good mix, and plenty of opportunity for, information gathering, education and learning, networking and connecting.

As with all big events it can sometimes be a little overwhelming so I will provide a few tips to make the most of the show.

1. The 4Networking stand has many people from all business backgrounds available to speak. Real people with real businesses with real life experience.
2. People do real business at the show. Our members and team members come from all over the country to work the 4N stand because they do business there.
3. Whether you are new to networking or a veteran we provide an environment to grow your business and yourself which is structured but without rules the stand and 121 networking gives an opportunity to experience this.
4. Our culture is 50% business and 50% social and it works and fits in very comfortably at the Business Show.
5. 121 networking — 3×10 minute business meetings at the show per hour — lots of opportunities to develop connections with people you’ve never met before
6. 4N Director’s seminar’s walking the walk – using networking and the business show to build their success.

Stefan says the key things to remember are:

1. Talking to people gives a much better opportunity to have your questions answered and understood. Rather than leaving the show with a handful of paper, you leave with ideas and solutions that fit your circumstances.
2. In order to be successful in business you need to be able to work in a way that you decide and that works for you in an environment that maximises the connections you make and facilitates relationship building and business.
3. People buy people and being in an environment where you can be yourself will open up many doors — meet like know trust and business is regularly done at the show. The stand is a great way to meet other 4N members from areas you don’t go to and also the many attendees who come to the stand or join the 121’s.
4. A 10 minute 2-way conversation is much more powerful than a sales pitch. It is the potential beginning a successful business relationship
5. Everyone has a story. Listening to people who have and are doing what it takes to be successful and have already made the mistakes so you don’t have to can bring plenty of light bulb moments.


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