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How to continue to build and nurture your network.

Make sales, even whilst we can’t network face to face.

With the recent lockdown, how has Networking developed, both online and offline? Is it still a viable method to promote and grow your business. Stefan Thomas is one of the UK’s foremost Networking experts and will explain about networking out of lockdown.

On this edition, he will be looking at how businesses can survive this new networking landscape and develop new skills.

We take you through the process, explain what to expect and why businesses online and offline networking should be an ongoing strategy for your business. Stefan explains how to use your social skills and why listening is as powerful and talking. Also, we discuss the cardinal sins of networking. What you shouldn’t do and why and how to network to your advantage.

 Who is Stefan Thomas

Author of Business Networking for Dummies, Instant Networking, and Win The Room. International speaker. Founder of The Networking Retreat.

Whether you want to work one to one with me, hire me for a speaking engagement for your company, or attend The Networking Retreat in Oxfordshire – I guarantee I will improve your results from business networking, immediately.

I’m the author of Amazon bestseller Business Networking for Dummies and I am regularly booked as a public speaker on business networking and social media skills, for all sorts of organisations.

I provide training to many businesses to help their team really understand business networking and how to get the most out of it.

I also work one to one with clients who are business owners, looking forensically at their networking activity and ensuring that they are getting the maximum return on investment.

If you feel that you, or your team, or the attendees at your conference or event, could really benefit from understanding business networking better, please do get in touch. 

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Stefan discusses:

  • How to successfully network online
  • The subtle changes we have to make to our networking style
  • How to follow up with the right people
  • How to make sure we continue to make sales

You will Learn

  • More confidence whilst networking online
  • Knowing what to do
  • How to grow enquiries and sales.

The Networking Retreat App

  • The free app, just search ‘The Networking Retreat’ on the app stores. I put networking advice in there every day.

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