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Young Enterprise is UK’s largest business & enterprise charity helping over 250,000 young people learn and succeed through enterprise. Young Enterprise has programmes from PRIMARY level to University level.   For 15-21 year olds, the COMPANY PROGRAMME provides real experience of the world of work, what potential employers value and indeed running your own company – a unique opportunity.

How do students benefit from Young Enterprise?

  • Benefits for the students can be life-changing (Alumni data)
  • Benefits for volunteers can be informative and very rewarding
  • Benefits for supporters include, visibility, networking, training/mentoring experience for employees and helping to create the people you will want to hire in a few years
  • Benefits for UK Business are huge. Help create the people who are more likely to start their own business and/or.
  • Benefits for the UK must be great – helping young people in that transition from leaning to productive earning.

Young Enterprise A Start in Business

Companies elect their own Board of Directors, raise share capital, decide their business purpose, trade for 6 – 9 months, report back to their shareholders and PAY their TAXES! Many are successful trading cos, buying and selling goods from around the world, but many also create their own: – examples: UTD (Ultimate Team database), HOOK, SUMMIT Perfume Pen, Pholder, PlanIt, Mugnificent,

Business can also get involved as volunteer business mentors/advisers which can be great fun and extremely rewarding. Young Enterprise like all charities is very heavily dependent on volunteers. Young Enterprise are always looking for business-experienced volunteers!  Large and small companies support Young Enterprise; Proctor & Gamble, BAML, Gavin Jones, Thales, Business Connections Live, Walton Business Group and more…Info at:  (http://www.young-enterprise.org.uk)

In the past ten years, the North Surrey Board has given this experience to ~2500 students.

Young Enterprise South East – http://teamsheet.me/yesoutheast/

Kevin Williams: previously worked in R&D for Procter & Gamble in Newcastle, Egham, and Cincinnati across many categories and brands but mainly Skin Care and Oral Care. Since retiring in 2003 he has Chaired the P&G Associates, the company retiree scheme, and also Young Enterprise for the North Surrey area Board, mainly responsible for the Company Programme.

Throughout his career with P&G, he was involved with university recruiting and a number of Academic institutions, and had many conversations with young people about careers. Regardless of academic success and qualifications obtained, many he met had good experience, had thought through what they wanted and were well prepared. Others were the precise opposite – sometimes the most academically successful.

A number of his work colleagues had become involved with volunteering for Young Enterprise, and in fact there was  long tradition of P&G employees chairing Young Enterprise Boards and volunteering as business mentors. So when he retired he got involved and in fact took over the chairmanship of the North Surrey Young Enterprise board from an ex-P&G colleague.

Business Connections Live Steve Hyland said “We have worked with Kevin for a number of years supporting Young Enterprise North Surrey and have been constantly amazed by the abilities and insight these young people have in business”.



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