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Your 7 Transformational Steps To Sales Success

How To Build Predictable Sales Growth For Your Business

You will learn, through this proven system using Social Media how you can find 100 cold leads in your chosen target market and turn these into 8 to 13 Hot Prospects without paying a single pound, dollar or dime to Google, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Using this methodology you will then have a continual supply of prospects ASKING to have more information or to have sales based conversations!

Who is Rupert Honywood

As the founder of Business Growth Bureau, Rupert Honywood believes that every director or business owner should have the opportunity to unlock their hidden potential and to achieve success. He wants the Bureau to be your strategic partners in achieving business growth.

He loves to create virtual circles where every party (from customers to prospects, investors, staff, advocates and suppliers) wins out of the relationship with organisations that wish to work collaboratively. As a consequence, he believes that we all benefit from the leverage effect that this creates when we are here to support each other’s success.

This is not only is a nice way to do business but it builds on the relationship of trust and this helps in achieving strong sustainable growth.



On the programme, Rupert Honywood looks at:

  • Defining And Owning Your Market

  • Presenting Yourself As The Expert And Don’t Hide

  • Follow The Social Selling Blueprint as below:

  • Lead Generation System

  • Prospect Nurturing System

  • Sales Optimisation System

  • Know Your Numbers and Plug Into Our Expert Systems

You will understand:

  • You will have a clear focus on who you want to reach and how to target them
  • Potential clients will see you as the “go to” expert
  • Following our Social Selling Blueprint, this will give you a continual supply of leads in your chosen target market.
  • You can then nurture those leads into hot prospects so that they are ASKING for more information or to have sales based conversations
  • You will also know your numbers and understand your return on investment the confusion around food, a clear instruction around how to eat.
  • A guiding star on the first principle of optimum nutrition.
  • Why eating for energy is vital if you want to be the best you can be at work
  • Why doing your best nutritionally is also vital for a healthy planet.

Website           www.businessgrowthbureau.com
Facebook        https://www.facebook.com/businessgrowthbureau/
YouTube          www.youtube.com/channel/UC4eDefRGGXY4zfrWncEpixQ

Featured Programme:

Understanding the Customer Journey BCL243

with Matthew Ruddle

We often hear the mantra, Understanding the Customer Journey – From Sale to Retention. But what does it really mean? Is it just, customer care or is it a set of processes and procedures that can be applied to any business.

Matt will be talking about how to win more business but also do more business with existing customers, talking about the importance of having both a process for sales and one for customer retention. How people focus on the tools rather than the reasons for using them and the impact they can actually have

Find out Is Understanding the Customer Journey with Matthew Ruddle

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