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Automation and Digitisation in the Workplace

On this programme we look at How Automation Will Impact Your Workforce.  Jo Taylor of ManpowerGroup Solutions will explore the impact that digitisation is having on the world of work, and what employers need to do to remain competitive. Drawing on a survey of 19,000 employers in 44 countries, Jo will discuss the ways in which organisations foresee automation and digitisation affecting their business and the strategies they should consider to remain competitive in the war for talent.

Who is Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor, Client Services Director at ManpowerGroup Solutions, is an experienced resourcing director with 17 years’ experience in recruiting volume roles in the private and public sector. In recent years, Jo has helped organisations to develop holistic resourcing strategies that ensure they can compete for the best talent in an increasingly challenging jobs market.

Jo’s interests and specialisms include recruitment technology, assessment design, employer brand and diversity and inclusion.


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Jo will explain:

  • How companies predict automation will impact their workforce
  • The impact of automation on business’s talent strategy
  • The skills which will be most impacted by digisiation
  • The talent strategies needed to compete in the Skills Revolution

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • An understanding of how employers are embracing automation
  • How automation can positively affect the workforce
  • A clear view of the actions businesses need to deploy to optimise their workforce in the digital age
  • An understanding of the skills that will be most sought after in the digital age
  • How workers can reskill and upskill to remain in-demand in a changing world of work

This research is based on our whitepaper, ‘Humans Wanted: Robots Need You’  

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