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Challenger Law, the Next Big Thing

LawBite is on a mission to democratise the way SMEs get legal advice

What do we mean by Challenger Law? LawBite is a virtual platform that connects SMEs to expert legal advice. Designed from the outset to pioneer a better way of providing business legal services on-line, LawBite provides businesses with an end-to-end process that handles enquiries and case management seamlessly via the telephone, computer or from its app.

Customers accessing the LawBite cloud-computing platform not only connect to its 50+ highly qualified lawyers, built-in AI and data science powers a much faster process and allow LawBite to provide legal advice at half the price of comparable firms.
As SMEs turn to new distributed workforces, remote working practices and the gig economy, LawBite is at the forefront of this new order, making company legal advice easier to access, understand and affordable.

Who is Clive Rich

Clive is a highly experienced entertainment and digital media lawyer, who has also successfully run digital businesses for companies such as Sony and Bertelsmann.

A qualified barrister, he has been a lawyer for almost 30 years and has drafted and crafted contracts for a broad spectrum of multi-nationals, major organisations and brands, including Yahoo, Apple, Napster, SanDisk, Myspace and the BBC.



On this edition of Business Connections Live, Clive Rich will explain:

  • LawBite takes SMEs from the law as they know it, to the law as they need it
  • LawBite is a trusted destination for expert legal advice, with a 98% feefo rating
  • LawBite is a Law-Tech leader, handled 26,000+ legal enquiries from SMEs
  • LawBite connects SMEs to 50+ highly qualified lawyers on key business matters
  • LawBite virtual platform is handling over 1,000 legal cases at any one time
  • LawBite is partnering with a city law firm to create an international legal hub

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • Kick off easily with a free 15-minute consultation from an expert lawyer
    Receive expert legal advice at half the cost of comparable lawyers
    Getting legal advice in way that is much smoother and more convenient
    Lawyers with the expertise to help guide SMEs through Covid-19
    Insightful guidance on Covid-19 and other burning business issues

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