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https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ – How PR can build your reputation and put you on the Map -Business Connections Live Programme 22. Broadcast 12th February 2014

So you would like your business to grow, but how do you get your message out there? How do you tell the press what you do? And what is Public Relations PR anyway?
Vanessa Green and Fiona Butler of Wigwam PR –PR and communications consultancy in Guildford http://www.wigwampr.com/explai the in and outs of effective PR. What you can do as a business owner to increase your PR coverage, and why below the line marketing can be so effective.

Wigwam is an independent Guildford-based PR and communications consultancy, specialising in media relations. They are dedicated to managing and promoting the reputation of their clients, who include consumer lifestyle brands, award-winning global businesses, entrepreneurial organisations and some of the UK’s most innovative cultural and not-for-profit organisations.

How PR can build your reputation and put you on the Map

On the programme we look at How PR can build your reputation and put you on the Map

  •  What works when it comes to PR? – sustained awareness, integrated  marketing, clear messaging, a focus on the target audience, a clear understanding of  client business objectives
  • What doesn’t work when it comes to PR  – stop start approach, fabrication of stories, over promising, inexperienced teams
  •  Impact of PR on a business – traditional PR v social media (i.e. social media is just another channel). Businesses we work with are seeing more tangible results and ROI from traditional PR
  • How to measure PR results


The Key Benefits:

  •  It’s important that you have senior people who are speaking to journalists (the Wigwam model is based on senior people doing the strategy and all comms with the client and journalists)
  •  It’s important to have access to senior business people in the organisation in order to get PR to work most effectivel.
  • PR covers a wide range of areas – from identifying news hooks and drafting press releases, to copywriting, media training, drafting award entries, marketing support, and making strategic introductions to clients
  • PR works best in partnership – you can’t just rely on a consultancy. A combination of a good PR person or consultancy with an excellent/dynamic spokesperson, promoting a growing/evolving innovative business is ideal.


The Key Features:


  •  It’s important to focus on the target audience – don’t just aim for national media coverage. You may have more impact and reach a more appropriate audience if you focus on niche trade press.
  • PR is the most cost effective approach to communication in the marketing mix.
  • PR can build a reputation, help an organisation to grow – by stimulating sales and awareness.
  • A PR consultancy can focus on generating media results/consistent communications, allowing the in-house team to focus on business development.
  •  Working with a consultancy provides a depth and breadth of expertise

Public relations is the art or science of managing the reputation of companies, organizations, individuals and groups of people. It is the proactive management of relationships with various relevant ‘publics’.
Every business – from solo entrepreneur to international corporation – relies on its reputation for its continued survival, for the ongoing patronage of its customers and to win new customers away from its competitors. Hence every business really needs to manage its public relations.


https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ How PR can build your reputation and put you on the Map -Business Connections Live Programme 22.

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