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Building A Business With Entrepreneur Kate Lester. An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes in a particular arena and in her first 20 years Kate made quite a few!

Like many business people, Kate spent the first 20 years of her own business swamped and it took a long time to build the business she wanted. Then in 2012 it all changed. On this edition of Business Connections Live Kate shares how she changed her growth curve and the key lesson she learnt – Kate has been through all the pain so that you can just do the good bits!

Building A Business With Entrepreneur Kate Lester is an entertaining hour of information and advice from a business mentor coach and entrepreneur.




On this edition of Business Connections Live, Kate will explain:

  • How to build a scale-able business
  • The 5 key areas you need to focus on:
    • YOU
    • People
    • Finance
    • Tech
    • Communication
  • The TDI – the Total Distraction Index
  • The Profit versus Grief Ratio
  • Business Planning Kate Style – putting your personal ambitions at the heart of your business planning with JFDI

Learn the business fundamentals on :

  • Key areas of focus to build your business quickly
  • Building a scalable business
  • Matching your business with your personal ambition
  • Enjoying what you do

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