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Business Connections Live Programme 48 Broadcast 13th August 2014

‘Netwinning’ – The new way of Networking to develop your business. It’s all about people and ‘people buy people’, whatever product or service you put in front of them.

• Networking is not about ‘selling’, it’s about creating relationships. If it were about selling it would be called a sales meeting!

• Networking is not a quick win and is not just about the people we meet. An effective network is one that forges relationships beyond the room, where the people we meet make introductions to their wider network,

• Netwinning is just the start of the business development process. It takes time, effort, energy and enthusiasm. It’s not about going to a meeting and waiting for the phone to ring, you need to make an effort to follow up – yes via ‘social’ media, but also by phone and face-to-face too.

• Netwinning is an investment, NOT an expense. And to get the most out of it you do need to do a lot more work following the meeting.

• But you also need to measure your investment. Not just by the cost of membership or indeed the monthly cost – your time + travel costs and if you don’t start with a goal and measure the performance, you will find it an uphill battle. It’s like everything in life!

BCL48 Netwinning with Fabulous Women

Fabulous Women is about supporting women in business through networking opportunities, training and business support.

• Regular networking encourages business owners to think hard about their businesses, what they do and who they do it for.

• Women network differently to many men, they are less focused on sales pitches and more open to building longer term relationships for business advantage. However, marvellous men understand that too which is why they are welcome at Fabulous Women and who likes ‘to be sold to’?

• Many female business owners are striving with a constant juggling act managing a family and a business. Getting children to school on time makes breakfast meetings difficult which is why Fabulous Women’s networking meetings fit around school times whilst still leaving time to work following the meetings.

• We know that networking can be daunting which is why we are very supportive and non-judgemental. Our Group Leaders will always help if someone is a nervous wreck when doing their 60 seconds and will ensure that visitors are looked after and introduced to the more experienced members.

• We all know how difficult it is to run a small business. But, with a strong network, business owners can always tap in to the help they need to overcome any difficulty, whether it’s finding a sounding board for a tricky decision or bringing in extra skills to the business

• Business moves fast and it’s near impossible for the owner of a small business to keep up. Fabulous Women allow knowledge and expertise to be shared so owners don’t miss out on new ideas or changes in the law for example

• People love givers and will always look for ways to repay a kindness, networking facilitates that – naturally.

• Unlike many networking organisations Fabulous Women doesn’t restrict attendance to one per profession and members are free to visit any group at the member rate. This means that our members have the opportunity to collaborate and win contracts that are just too big for an individual micro business

• Growing – By asking for help or learning from the talks, coaching or at our affordable training events, you will ‘grow’ naturally and become more fluent in everything thing we do – in life and in business – because there really is life outside of our business and personal demands on us too and at Fabulous Women we acknowledge this fact and it is NOT a negative!

Jane Hardy, Managing Director of Fabulous Women.
They are predominantly a ‘Netwinning’ organisation for Women, but welcome the Gents too – well those that believe in ‘Collaboration, not Competition’ and who believe that trust, relationships, giving and supporting is the new way of developing your business.

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Business Connections Live Programme 48 – ‘Netwinning’ – The new way of Networking to develop your business
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