The 3 Mistakes That Undermine ROI from Marketing

Most businesses, big and small, make at least 3 mistakes when it comes to ROI from marketing. These mistakes reduce the effectiveness of the marketing and therefore hamper the return on investment that comes from the expenditure.

Many spend their money on getting advertising in front of a broad, generic audience. What the fail to do is target specific sub-sets of prospects and then drive them to specific lead capture mechanism.

But the biggest cardinal sin is they don’t follow-up consistently with prospects over an extended period of time. This means they are not front of mind when they are ready to buy.

They neglect the relationship with existing and previous customers.

Who is David Holland

Following an extensive career with Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and IBM, David Holland became a small business owner.

Today, he works with business owners to help them systemise their marketing and sales. This releases them from the pressures of needing to work in their business to earn a living. In 2006 he bought Infusionsoft to run EXELA. By 2011 EXELA was the leading Infusionsoft training company in the UK.


On this edition of Business Connections Live, David explains

  • Very specifically target a tightly defined Avatar
  • Advertise a lead magnet that this group will be interested in.
  • Follow-up with your leads consistently over an extended period of time
  • Make them offers to start a sales conversation with you.
  • Keep in contact with existing customers so that have a real love for what you do for them.
  • Measure each step of the entire process and tweak to improve

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • By doing the above you will achieve, over time, a steady flow of new leads and new sales opportunities.
  • You will be able to tweak your steps to improve overall performance and increase return on investment
  • More than anything else, this takes the stress out of business.

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