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How Healthier clients healthier business


How to put health at the core of your business

Its important we put health at the core of any business – How Healthier clients healthier business. Ann was taking the maximum amount of medication for her dangerously high blood pressure but achieving only a small improvement. Then she was introduced to Synergy’s flagship product Pro-Argi 9+ and believes it saved her life. She is no longer on medication and has never felt better. Looking into the range she realised how unique it was, particularly the gut health programme. Ann now has more energy, better mood, sleeps better and is able to enjoy a more active life. Ann started this business so she can share the benefits of these products with others.

Who is Ann Parker

Ann’s company is The Synergy Health Company and she works with businesses who either want to improve the health of their employees so that they feel their best, have less sick days and are generally more productive and practioners who use the nutritional packages to help their clients with their health.

Ann works with people in the health and fitness industry to firstly analysis their clients health using a tool developed by doctors and nutritionist which identifies which body systems need the most help. The state of gut is the single most important factor in peoples overall and long term health and The Synergy Health Company has a 21 day programme which resets the health of the gut – this is always the starting point in any health programme.




On this edition of Business Connections Live, Ann Parker will explain:

  • Some startling facts about gut health and heart health
  • How difficult it is to get enough nutrition from food alone and what we can do about it
  • Synergy’s range of products and what makes them unique.
  • What sorts of businesses would benefit from working with Ann
  • Why people should take responsibility for their own health and not wait until they are sick.

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • Understanding that just because you are not ill does not mean you feel the best you can.
  • How businesses can help employees and clients with a number of health conditions
  • How to improve profitability whilst helping people change and improve the quality of their lives through nutrition.
  • How to achieve elite health where age does not dictate ability

For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.

Website:  www.thesynergyhealthcompany.com
Twitter: @AnnPSynergy
Facebook: @thesynergyhealthcompany

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