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https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ – Generating Leads and Finding New Business
Business Connections Live Programme 23. Broadcast 19th February 2014

Jim McLaughlin Managing Director of Axiall Limited http://www.axiall.uk.com

Axiall Ltd is a business development company in the b2b space. They specialise in lead generation and market research — that means helping their customers:

  • a) to create and deliver lead generation programmes that find new customers
  • b) to use market research to help our customers understand what’s happening in their marketplace and what their customers think of them

Generating leads and finding new business

  • What you need to know about generating leads and finding new business in a cash-strapped B2B environment
  • We’ll take a look at what lead generation means and how it’s developed over the years.
  • We’ll consider the importance of defining the target market and addressing it in the most effective way.
  • We’ll look at the differences between an approach that can be described as ‘Spray and Pray’ versus one that can be characterised as ‘Rifleshot’.
  • Finally we’ll look at how technology combines with difficult economic times and leads to changes in people’s approach to lead generation

The importance of:
1. Defining your objectives and understand what can be achieved
2. Segmenting your market and identifying who you want to focus on
3. Defining a list of targets
4. Choosing the channels that are most appropriate to deliver your message
5. Developing a proposition tailored to the segment you’re targeting
6. Ensuring you have collateral that is relevant available to support the campaign
Axiall’s customers say that working with us helps them to articulate their value proposition more clearly

A lead generation campaign can deliver as much value in understanding what your market and competition are doing as in the value of the business that results from your new leads

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https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ Generating Leads and Finding New Business -Business Connections Live Programme 23.

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