On this edition of Business Connections Live we will be talking to Warren Knight who is a Social Media Speaker and SME Growth Coach.

His first book Think #Digital First is essentially a step-by-step guide designed for creative entrepreneurs, business owners and sales and marketing managers that shares with them the importance of having the right mindset to focus on technology, sales and marketing. Understanding your strengths to building the right team around you and knowing the different platforms, social networks and the right digital tools are so important when integrating them into your sales and marketing to help you market your brand online, saving time and getting sales to grow your business.

Entrepreneurs Guide to Growing a Business

An entrepreneur’s first step to building a socially-savvy business is accepting that you are the one driving your business forward. To be able to do this in the most successful way, you need to build a social business from the ground up and in each of the below chapters, Warren’s 7 simple steps are easy to follow, packed full of great detail and demystifies the new digital age.


What You Will Learn

  • Step 1 – YOU: There will only ever be one
  • Step 2 – Framework for success
  • Step 3 – Protecting your time: Focus on Sales
  • Step 4 – Setting up a socially-savvy business
  • Step 5 – Tools to make your business grow
  • Step 6 – Strategy and implementation
  • Step 7 – Customer retention through loyalty

What You Will Achieve

  • Step 1 – Why it’s so important to focus on yourself first before taking the next step into your business growth
  • Step 2 – Is the business ready for growth? Who’s in the team that brings the specifics skill need to compliment your strengths, What’s your USP, have you done a SWOT analysis stay brand consistent with a brand style guide
  • Step 3 – Learn to say NO, focus on sales and marketing and STOP wasting time on things that will not drive the business forward. 20% results in 80% of your results. Do you have a 12 month cashflow
  • Step 4 – Understand which of the social networks are right for your business and how to marketing through natural search and paid search
  • Step 5 – Technology has changed everything, there are tools the will, help you find your target audience, communicate with them, build trust, engage with them and market and sell your business to them + keep your team in the loop of every stage of the sales process
  • Step 6 – Design your Go-to-market strategy and out of that comes your marketing plan and a sales process. The book gives you to tools, tips and templates to use
  • Step 7 – Use technology to build customer retention as well and having a retention strategy to keep customers coming back

My www.warrenknight.co.uk website has everything + I’ll have a special offer for people who would like the book – 50 ways to drive traffic to your website

Business Connections Live Programme 76

This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel on YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 76.  Broadcast 16th March 2015

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