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International Trade After Brexit

Brexit – after Art 50 is triggered, what lies ahead for the UK’s international trade position?

Stuart Miller talks to Steve Hyland about International Trade After Brexit, how businesses can prepare for the months ahead post March 2017, what you should be aware of and why you should start planning now to minimise any potential disruption to your businesses trading position.

International Trade After Brexit What are the starting positions of the UK & EU? What are the major constraints? What will be the sequencing of the negotiation? Will we get a “Free Trade Agreement” with the EU in 2 years (by March 2019)?  What is the likelihood instead of moving to WTO rules – and does it matter?

How will the EU:

  1. Protect its 4 Freedoms (movement of goods, workers, services & capital)?
  2. Stop contagion
  3. Ensure that the UK is getting a deal that is materially inferior than EU membership?
  4. Protect rights of EU citizens now in the UK?

How will the UK:

  1. Get a single deal on both withdrawal and the future relationship with the EU?
  2. Avoid transitional arrangements as indicated in the Government’s latest White Paper?
  3. Address the EU demand for (up to €60 bn) funds to cover exit?
  4. Reconcile any transitional arrangements with the stated aim of getting out of the jurisdiction of the EU Court of Justice (ECJ)?
  5. Address some kind of associate membership (say like Turkey?)
  6. Cover UK citizens’ rights in the EU?
  7. Ensure we have enough manpower in the food industry, universities and financial services (lots of EU citizens now in the UK)?
  8. Prevent a hard border in Ireland which might affect Northern Ireland’s (trading and other) progress?
  9. Use ongoing co-operation from UK’s crime, policing and counter-terror capacities to win trading compromises above?
  10. Or will we go towards low tax, low regulation (eg Singapore) model?

This edition of Business Connections Live will be a valuable insight into International Trade After Brexit and what lies ahead for the UK’s international trade position after Art 50 is triggered.

Stuart Miller, Managing Director of Warwick Legal Network (WLN) After 27 years as an international commercial & technology lawyer and latterly managing partner of a commercial law firm in London (ebl miller rosenfalck, one of the WLN members), He now focusses on growing the capacity of WLN to act for businesses trading around the world.  Most of his focus has been on SMEs.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Stuart will explain:

  • The possible UK financial contribution.
  • The manpower challenge facing the UK’s civil service
  • What are the particular areas of challenge ahead? Examples:
    1. Single Skies agreement (governs landing and overflight rights across the EU)
    2. major projects like Galileo (a global navigation satellite system)
    3. cross-border energy agreements
    4. reciprocal healthcare arrangements, including the EHIC card
    5. arrangements for animal & plant health certification
    6. many others….
  • How likely is it that the UK will have to compromise on timing or ECJ jurisdiction during some transition?

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  •  monitoring of existing arrangements
  • ensuring you can survive Brexit in acceptable / profitable shape

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Website: http://warwicklegal.com/

Twitter: @stuartmiller28

Twitter: @WLNadvocate

Twitter: @MillerRosenfalc



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