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The BIG100 – 100 Business Tips!

Or as many as we can!

Need quick advice that you can practically use in your business, then Ian Dickson can lep. Taken directly from his annual sell-out event The BIG100, Ian will be sharing as many of his one-liner business tips as he can during the show. Business tips on everything from growth, marketing, selling, systems, time, staff and mindset.

Who is Ian Dickson

International Business Speaker and Multi-award winning business coach. Ian Dickson is recognised as one of the UK’s leading business coaches with over 15 years’ experience of coaching and keynote speaking around the globe.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Ian will explain:

  • Marketing Tips
  • Selling Tips
  • Time Management Tips
  • Growth Tips
  • Social Media Tips
  • Networking Tips
  • Mindset Tips
  • Goal Setting Tips
  • Team Tips

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

    • Better marketing results
    • selling outcomes
    • productivity levels
    • team successes
    • time management
    • improved mindset and attitude.

The world of business is forever changing – Get ahead of the game and be ready for 2020 with these simple, short, punchy business tips that anyone can use or follow.


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