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Standing Up To Tough Questions In Business

On this edition of Business Connections Live Steve Hyland asks Michael Dodd, professional speaker why Standing Up To Tough Questions In Business is so vital.

Standing up to tough questioning is a vital modern skill – whether it’s in the workplace, the media or the marketplace. How business people answer challenging questions can be crucial to their success. Michael Dodd helps business people give more effective and persuasive answers in critical conversations – with customers, prospects, managers, employees, shareholders, journalists and members of the public. As a one-time journalist in the jungle of Australian politics in Canberra, Michael is steeped in the art of asking what are known as “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions. As a one-time foreign correspondent and now as a professional speaker who has worked on six continents, he knows communication techniques that work across all countries and cultures. As a communications consultant, author and professional speaker he’s honed techniques for answering tough questions, nasty questions and really stupid questions. Michael will give you insights on  how  improving your content, structure and delivery style is a learnable skill.

Michael Dodd helps people in business to become more inspirational communicators and equips them give great answers to tough questions.

The fact that getting better at answering tough questions in the business world is something you can learn and get better at – which is why “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work” has been published by Wiley.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Michael will explain:

  • + What do business people need to know most about answering tough questions+What can you do if you’re very nervous about being questioned?+What you can do to prepare better for situations where you know you will be questioned rigourously?+What advice can you give for those going for job interviews?

    +How can you do better in staff appraisals?

    +What can you do if your company is being asked questions about a tragic situation where something has gone terribly badly wrong and people may have been injured or killed?

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • + Better outcomes to tough business conversations where you are being questioned+ Understand that there are things you can do to feel more confident during tough business conversations+ Know that there are things that you can do to be more in control during tough business conversations

For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.Website: www.michaeldoddcommunications.com Twitter: @michaeldodd111 Facebook: Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work Blog:  doddblog LinkedIn:  Michael Dodd  

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