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https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ – Helping small businesses affected by the UK floods – Business Connections Live Programme 24. Broadcast 26th February 2014

Support available to businesses that have been affected by the recent floods

In this edition of Business Connections Live, Lizanne Jakobs looks at the various types of support that are available to businesses that have been affected by the early 2014 floods in the UK. This support comes from various sources such as HMRC, councils, central government, banks and other sources.

Helping small businesses affected by the UK floods

Key facts from this programme are:

  • The help HMRC can provide, 3 months additional time to pay taxes. Helpline is available 0800 904 7900.
  • Councils can provide grants for businesses that have been affected to cover the costs to the business, average claim is expected to be £2.5K
  • Repair and renewal grant, £5K max is available for businesses and homeowners who need to repair properties and make them flood resilient. Starts 1st April and will be administered by councils.
  • Business rate relief – 3 months for businesses affected
  • High street banks all have set aside money as interest free loans and other facilities.
  • Supermarkets have also set up funds, mostly for farmers but Asda also includes other businesses.
  • Government business support helpline 0300 456 35 65, up to one hour free call.

There is lots of help out there for businesses that have been affected by the floods besides your insurance company, but make sure you contact them too!

Lizanne Jakobs www.ologycoaching.com/lizannejakobs is a business and executive coach, consultant, trainer and speaker who helps people grow their business. By setting out the business objectives, specifying what needs to be done to achieve them and making sure that those in charge of the business carry these out on time. I also coach managers and staff and train them where need be on certain topics such as communication, delegation and sales.


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