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Brexit – Is your supply chain prepared or is it too late?

Brexit is nearly upon us and there are many companies out there who seem to still have their heads in the sand. With four months to go, there is still no clear picture of whether we face a hard or soft Brexit, with the key parliamentary vote on the ‘divorce deal’ planned for December.

Is Your Supply Chain Brexit Ready?

Is your company prepared for either scenario? If it’s ‘no deal’, what will the effects likely be on companies supply chains in terms of delays, costs, and what actions should companies be taking to understand the risks and what can still be done to mitigate them even at this late stage? Even if the vote goes in favour of the deal, we then move to the ongoing future trade negotiations during the two year transition period. What should companies be looking at during that period?

Who is Paul Mayhew

Paul Mayhew FCILT is Owner of Wyndham Solutions Ltd, an independent supply chain and Brexit consultancy. Paul is also a member of the Brexit Advisory Team. He has held global Senior Management roles in supply chain for over thirty-five years, with companies such as Geest, Bausch and Lomb, and Johnson Matthey.

Paul led the supply chain focus on Brexit at Johnson Matthey, and in the last year has focused on offering advice to many organisations on their Brexit strategy. He is also a member of the Agile Supply Chain Research Club at Cranfield University and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. 

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Paul Mayhew explains:

  • The supply chain aspects that need consideration from hard/soft Brexit
  • What are the main drivers likely to impact to your supply chain if it is a hard Brexit?
  • What should you be doing, even at this late stage, to understand your position and try to mitigate the effects?
  • If soft Brexit is agreed, what should you be working on during the two year transition period?
  • AEO (Approved Economic Operator), have you applied yet?
  • It’s not just duty and taxes, but many other aspects as well.

Get your supply chain Brexit ready by incorporating :

  • Improved clarity on what the current Brexit scenarios could mean for your company’s future European trade
  • A framework of strategic considerations for your supply chain which you should be working upon even at this late stage
  • Options to mitigate some of the effects of a hard Brexit
  • It’s not just about your company, but about all the partners you trade with and use
  • AEO, is it actually the right thing to pursue under all scenarios?

Website    wyndhamsolutions.co.uk 
Website    brexitAT.com 

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