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How to Make a Business Website – AMAZING! WordPress, SEO and Design – Remember Don’t Panic!.

This week we look at websites and what as a SME you should be considering for your web presence.

Paul Imre http://www.imreltd.co.uk explains that once you identify your target audience then it’s all about:
Selling the sizzle and telling your business story. On this show you will find out where to start and what you should consider when planning your website. What you should consider when redesigning an existing site and what you expect your website to achieve for your business.

Paul explains the power of targeted micro sites, that explain different areas of expertise your business has, that are all linked together on one domain.

Also, we delves into the black art of website SEO. 

What is it? Do you need it? and can you do it yourself?

How To Make a Business WordPress Website – AMAZING! WordPress, SEO and Design – Don’t Panic!

After this edition of Business Connections Live you will be looking at your website in a different light.

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