The ATS Framework 

The machine that drives your online business.


How to create a machine that will drive any online expert business, so you can reach a global market 24/7
Michael is an expert online course creator. Having made his first online course in 2004, since then he helped thousands of expert entrepreneurs to get their experience and expertise online and around the world.
Michael is the creator of The Total Online Course Blueprint and the ATS Framework, the 2 keys to online success.


Who is Michael Brook

Michael is an expert course creator who teaches experts, coaches, trainers, consultants and therapists how to create online digital courses. In addition to solopreneneurs he has made courses for blue chip corporates including the NHS

Michael is an NLP Master Business Practitioner, NLP Master Trainer and Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Michael is an experienced business film/video creator having studied with Michael Rosenblum (the father of video journalism) and Den Lennie…For the past 5 years, Michael has specialised in helping people in the expert space or helping professions to take their experience, know-how, and expertise and create their own online courses.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Michael Brook:

  • Why we should create online courses irrespective of COVID-19
  • The ATS Framework
  • The Process of course creation
  • Why Marketing your course is as important as making a course
  • PIC process and how it works
  • The most effective funnels for taking your course to market

Learn what you can expect to achieve :

  • A clear understanding of the process
  • How to pull all the content together
  • Suggestions on how to market and publish your course
  • Resilient well-grounded confidence
  • How it can transform their business

www.myexpertiseonline.uk/webinar link to my live webinar

www.myexpertiseonline.uk/5day link to my 5 Day Online Course Design Challenge

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Link to my live webinar www.myexpertiseonline.uk/webinar
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