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Mapping Motivation

How to Motivate everyone in your business

Mapping Motivation – Motivate everyone the key to Employee Energy and Engagement Ever wondered what motivation is, and why organizations do not and cannot until now, measure it? Mark will explain how you can identify, describe, measure, and maximize motivation in your business.

Who is Mark Terrell

Mark joined a family retail business from school, after 30 years of running, growing and then selling that business he now helps business owners with the mindset, process, and skills they need to lead their team successfully.

As well as my coaching I run The Reluctant Leader Success Blueprint 2 or 3 times per year. The program consists of 7 modules delivered live, 1 module each week, and recorded for those that can’t make the live session.

Mark Terrell, 1st Class Coaching Solutions, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Mark Terrell will explain:

  • How to become a great leader
  • Stop getting distracted and ground down with “People” issues
  • How to start with Motivation!
  • Unique way to engage your people
  • Strategies to improve performance, productivity and Profit

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • Think about Motivation in a totally different way
  • Make better business decisions
  • Reward people the way they want
  • Improve Leadership
  • Revolutionise the appraisal process
  • Identify strengths in your team

Featured Programme:

Cracking The Code Of High-Performance Teamwork BCL191

with Nick Fewings

Few organizations actually quantify what it is, how to measure it, and how to achieve high-performance in teamwork. Understanding why one team performs better than another is hard to crack. Google has spent millions on Project Aristotle with inconclusive results. However, Nick believes he has cracked it with a combination of behavioral profiling and the Team DyNAmics© Model he created.

Watch the show Cracking The Code Of High-Performance Teamwork BCL191 with Nick Fewings

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