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How can accounting help your business succeed – Philip Skinner of Shaw Walker Lees explains the importance of good accounting practice and advice, Watch the full programme here https://businessconnectionslive.com/7-ways-accountant-can-help/

When your starting in business what’s the best route to take, is it Sole Trader, Partnership or Ltd company? Have you fallen in the trap of using the company’s money as your own? Dealing with HMRC and VAT.

How can accounting help your business succeed by looking at your business plan and getting the basics right.Looking at Tax implications.
Partnerships are you protected when it all goes wrong.
How can accounting help your business succeed simple talk to them just ask. Tax planning, Corporate finance, VAT Help is at hand.

Watch the full programme HERE

Most global corporations have the luxury of an in-house team of accountants working round the clock to ensure that taxes are paid on time, profit potential is evaluated and growth is managed successfully. However, a good accountant is as much a vital part of a small or start up business as it is for international companies.Many small businesses are run by husbands & wives as a team but important issues still apply.

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