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Emotional Intelligence

The Competitive Advantage for Leaders and Business

Colette will explain how Emotional Intelligence is part of our decision making and crucial to getting clarity through confusion. She will discuss the need to change the conversation around leaders and their development, including the investment organisations make – or indeed don’t make – in their senior executives.

Feelings and Behaviours

We will see how emotions hold us in patterns of thoughts, feeling and behaviours and how emotional intelligence (EI) it is the pattern disputer which is needed for change. Colette will share one of business’s best kept secrets – how developing emotional intelligence leads to a sustainable competitive advantage for leaders, business owners and organisations.

Who is Colette Lees

Colette has been at the forefront of emotional intelligence (EI), in the UK and the USA for over 20 years. During that time, she has seen companies struggle and lose their best people because of the increased pressure and lack of the right development and leadership. She has also seen companies who have embraced EI retain good people, develop influential leaders and increase profitability, trust and collaboration.

Colette has a first-class honours degree in Business and an MBA specialising in EI and Leadership. She has worked in corporations, run her own businesses and been a senior lecturer in Business and Management. Whilst a Practitioner at heart, Colette has studied Emotional Intelligence as an academic and is currently conducting research specialising in EI and Leader development on a DBA.

Today, she works in the UK, Europe and the USA providing customised organisational and leader development through EI programmes. She is a sought after speaker on EI, delivering keynotes to businesses and professional bodies.

She has a reputation for challenging style. Her hands-on approach and depth of understanding of business structures, real world situations and relationships, allow a unique insight and interventions which go beyond the limits of traditional delivery. Her training is designed to be thought provoking and to dramatically shift behaviours; this enables the subject of emotional intelligence to be accessible and produce tangible results.




On this edition of Business Connections Live,Colette Lees will explain:

  • How Emotional Intelligence brings a competitive advantage to businesses and their leaders.
  • How developing your Emotional intelligence will transform your decision making, relationships and well-being.
  • Why Leadership development doesn’t develop Leaders – and how to develop influential leaders
  • How emotions serve as an ‘early warning signal’ and why they are the pattern disrupter needed for professional and organisational change.
  • Practical results from a recent organisational development programme of founded in emotional intelligence – a case study.
  • How to invest confidently in senior leader development.

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • Start to recognise how emotions are driving their decision making, relationships and well-being.
  • Being comfortable with the uncomfortable and why emotions don’t always need to be changed.
  • How to make informed choices and what questions to ask when looking to invest in organisational and senior leader development.
  • An understanding of why we need more than just a change in mind-set – we need new language and new model to sustain positive change –and how Emotional Intelligence can be that model.
  • Knowing how leaders set the tone for the organisation – and where to start if change is needed.
  • The difference leaders who lead through Emotional Intelligence bring to the business, their role and their teams.

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Website www.voiceofemotionalintelligence.com
Twitter ColetteLeesEI
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/colettelees/

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