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How to give great answers to protect & boost your business

Lessons from Prince Andrew

Everybody needs to know How to give great answers to protect & boost your business. International Communications-Boosting Speaker, Michael Dodd, will highlight some of the mistakes made by the Duke of York when he went on BBC TV and further damaged his reputation and that of the Royal Family – otherwise known as “The Firm”.

Michael will give guidance on how you can avoid such mistakes. He will show how to prepare properly for big moments when you’re in the spotlight – to give great answers to protect and enhance your business and personal reputation as a result. These big moments can be when you’re interacting with the media, or when you’re answering tough questions from clients, prospects, officials, audiences or members of your own team.

Who is Michael Dodd

Michael Dodd is an international speaker and one-time broadcast journalist who helps audiences and individual professionals get their message across – face-to-face, through the news media and across the web. He’s had speaking engagements on six continents. As a journalist, Michael was trained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to ask what are known Down Under as “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions. Now he helps people give great answers to them.Michael’s been awarded the “New Speaker of the Year” title from the Academy for Chief Executives. He helps business leaders, sales teams, diplomats and other professionals to give great answers to tough questions in vital conversations and media interviews.

Michael’s book “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work”, published by Wiley, has been given “Management Gold” endorsement by the Chartered Management Institute after it was shortlisted it for the Management Book of the Year Award. The Daily Express has declared that “Every briefcase and bookshelf should have a copy”.

Michael Dodd does communications-boosting training and professional speaking for conferences and organisations across all sectors of the economy. Michael is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and has served two terms as President of the Association’s fast-growing London Region.


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Michael Dodd will explain:

  • Some of the mistakes Prince Andrew made in his interview and how to avoid making any of them yourself

  • How to prepare for media interviews and other vital professional conversations

  • How to give great answers to tough questions

  • What to say when you can’t or won’t give the answer

  • How to respond when something has gone badly wrong and people – rightly or wrongly – think it’s your fault

Learn how to avoid making the same media mystakes:

  • Before any media interview or planned challenging professional conversation, find out what’s required in advance and always prepare

  • Whatever your communications challenge, work out in advance the MESSAGES you need to convey to your audience

  • Answer every question in a way that not only gives information, but that conveys an important relevant message

  • Don’t say anything other than exact truths

  • When you don’t know the answer, briefly explain WHY you can’t answer and say what you’ll do to provide the answer where that’s reasonable

  • When something’s gone badly wrong, talk to the hearts of your audience before you talk to their heads

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