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Business Connections Live is also a leading accredited provider of presentation training for business. Ideal for corporate organisations and individual executives we deliver a comprehensive bespoke one day “How to Handle the Media Masterclass“. Also available Presenter Training Masterclass perfect for Speakers and those wanting a career in TV ideal for showreels. For SME’s we offer The Video for Business Masterclass find out how and why and create all on the same day.

Are You Google Fit For Business BCL246

Are You Google Fit For BusinessOn this show, we ask the question,  ARE YOU GOOGLE FIT FOR BUSINESS?. Gain a greater understanding of what Google is looking for from your website to improve your business’ SEOYou can have the most beautiful website in the worldd, but if...

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How to Minimise Stress and Increase Productivity BCL245

How to Minimise Stress and Increase Productivity On this show, we look at How to Minimise Stress and Increase Productivity. We are all busy. Caught up on the seemingly endless treadmill of emails, work pressures, information overload, constant distractions and the...

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Is Your Supply Chain Brexit Ready BCL244

Brexit - Is your supply chain prepared or is it too late?Brexit is nearly upon us and there are many companies out there who seem to still have their heads in the sand. With four months to go, there is still no clear picture of whether we face a hard or soft Brexit,...

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Understanding the Customer Journey

Understanding the Customer Journey We often hear the mantra, Understanding the Customer Journey – From Sale to Retention. But what does it really mean? Is it just, customer care or is it a set of processes and procedures that can be applied to any business. Matt will...

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Slide design for professional presentation BCL242

Your Slides Suck! Top tips for tip-top presentations. When it comes to Professional Presentation visual ads, how do you design compelling slide decks? Have you ever sat through a presentation where you have been bored stiff? Too much information on each slide,...

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How to Take your Business to Organisational Excellence BCL241

How to Take your Business to Organisational Excellence Even well-established businesses can fail when it comes to Organisational Excellence. They don’t plan to fail, but they often fail to plan. They concentrate on being good at what they do, but in the process fall...

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The 3 Mistakes That Undermine ROI from Marketing BCL240

The 3 Mistakes That Undermine ROI from Marketing Most businesses, big and small, make at least 3 mistakes when it comes to ROI from marketing. These mistakes reduce the effectiveness of the marketing and therefore hamper the return on investment that comes from the...

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Using Cyber Security as a Differentiator BCL239

Using Cyber Security as a Differentiator One of the common barriers to Cyber Security is that it is seen as a cost. Done right, particularly in today’s climate of growing awareness of our rights to privacy and data protection, GDPR etc., businesses can use strong...

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Leadership and How to Lead Like a CEO BCL238

Leadership and How to Lead Like a CEO We have all worked for organisations were the leadership leaves something to be desired. However, when it works it can catapult a business to success. On this programme, How to Lead like a CEO, Susan Armstrong talks about how...

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Creating a profitable business BCL237

Creating a profitable business Want to create a profitable food business? Start here with Claire Brumby and The Winning Mix – her debut best-selling book Thousands of new business start every year. While each one is unique, many of the barriers and problems they...

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How to advertise on Google with Adwords and Ads BCL236

How do Google AdWords/Ads work? How to advertise on Google a guide for business Should you advertise on Google? Without doubt, Google advertising is a great marketing strategy for business owners of all sizes. You can show an ad for your business to people who are...

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How to improve your pricing and increase profits BCL235

How to improve your pricing and increase your profits Strategies and advice that any SME can use So how to improve your pricing strategy? For many businesses, they find themselves in the dilemma of how to price the product and services they offer. Getting this wrong...

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