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Legal Services have got away with archaic practices because of regulation and a lack of innovation.
Deregulation, innovation, technology and the internet is going to sweep these archaic practices away. You may not think of legal services as being exciting but, just watch this space!!

Business Connections Live Programme 55 Legal Services for Business

On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to Andrew Weaver, CEO and Co-founder of LawyerFair about Legal Services for Business

LawyerFair provide a unique and free service for business owners needing legal assistance. They match the legal requirements with a panel of pre-approved lawyers who then compete against each other for the work. This creates choice, competition, transparency and efficiency in the legal procurement process, something missing from the historically opaque legal market.

What’s more, each lawyer on their panel has been selected by their team based on their expertise and market reputation (no duffers allowed) and they have also signed their unique customer care charter, a charter drafted by the LawyerFair team of entrepreneurs and based on our commercial expectations of how LawyerFair want lawyers to provide their service.


ButLawyerFair are not the only legal innovators in the market. Deregulation and a low innovation, conservative market space means there are many others coming into the market (both in the UK and the US) with new ideas, concepts and funding that will radically alter the way legal services are bought and supplied.   This will have an impact on how you run your business.


  1. Changes taking place in legal services will help your business
  2. Surveys show huge discontent with how lawyers operate and the value they provide
  3. Surveys also show that majority of business owners prefer to ‘muddle through’ rather than seek external help – but you don’t need to do that anymore, competitive options exist
  4. LawyerFair is an example of the changes, with a free service that puts control into the business owners hands
  5. No need to put up with risk and uncertainty of shoddy legal services, use these new services to compare, choose, review and control the process
  6. But be warned, the trip advisor review process has less appeal and value in legal services

 LawyerFair gives you:

  1. 1 choice
  2. 2 competition
  3. 3 transparency
  4. 4 efficiency
  5. 5 accountability
  6. 6 reviews


Andrew Weaver, CEO and Co-founder of LawyerFair www.lawyerfair.co.uk


Business Connections Live Programme 55

This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel On YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 55. Broadcast 1st October 2014


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