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How to beat your competition with local SEO

What is SEO and how can it benefit your business?

SEO is a word a lot of us know but don’t fully understand what it means or how it works.
Search engine optimisation is how you can rank organically on Google. We will discuss what SEO is, the importance and SEO and what the difference is between SEO and local SEO. We will also cover why you need a Google My Business page, how to optimise it and what to look for in an SEO company.

Who is john Vuong

John Vuong is the owner and founder of Local SEO Search. He helps small and medium-sized businesses rank on Google and dominate their local market. John puts a strong emphasis on relationships and treats his client’s like family, wanting to not only help them rank but to help their business grow and succeed.

Best Search Engine Optimization Company In Canada

A family business is a close-knit community. It requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make a company work, and many times there’s no one you’d rather do that with than your own flesh and blood. As a small business ourselves, we at Local SEO Search feel honoured when you allow us to work alongside you. It’s a privilege when you trust us, and we will do everything we can to ensure that trust brings value to your company.

Our team has 40+ years of local search experience and has serviced over 10,000 local businesses across all industries with our internet marketing in Canada. Our in-house expert staff has managed SEO campaigns and online advertising in Toronto, New York, London and Sydney. Make our family at Local SEO Search a part of your family business. You will be glad you did.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, John explains:

  • What is SEO?

  • What is local SEO?

  • Why you need a Google My Business Page

  • How to optimize your Google My Business page

  • How to rank on Google!

  • What to look for in an SEO company.

Learn how your business can use Localized SEO

  • Improve your ranking on Google

  • Show up for terms that their potential clients are looking for

  • Have inbound leads that convert

  • Stop wasting time on sales and focus on running their business

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