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What is a Blockchain

What is a Blockchain – Whats the difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain? This is the quick explanation you’ve been waiting for.

On this edition of Business Connections Live Steve Hyland talks to Troy Norcross, Co-Founder of Blockchain Rookies who will explain “What is Blockchain?” using simple explanations and real-world examples. Troy will also help to separate blockchain from bitcoin. Based on Troy’s experience as CEO of Opengoods, he will explain how blockchain can be used to create incremental business value. Troy will also discuss Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) from the perspective of regulation, asset class and as a means of raising capital.

Troy runs through the best use for blockchain technology and why. The big question lies in DATA. Namely, ownership of that data. Bitcoin has no corporation behind it. It is run, owned and managed by the community with no single point of control, which is why it is a poster child for Blockchain. Shared, transparent access to data is the centre key of Blockchain technology. The Data belongs to the community, the Business provides the access.

Who is Troy Norcross

Troy runs his own strategy consultancy firm SER Team and has been working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space for the past 2 years. Troy was CEO of Opengoods – a blockchain company building a platform to tokenise securities and is co-founder of Blockchain Rookies, a platform to educate enterprise clients on what is blockchain and how can it be applied to business.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Troy explains how

After watching this interview you will:

    • Be able to describe Blockchain to anyone
    • Understand the key aspects of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and what makes a blockchain different
    • Have a better understanding of ICOs and have a guideline for investing in ICOs
    • Be able to cite real world examples of Blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies
    • Know 2 of the most important dates in bitcoin history

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

After watching this interview you will:

    • Look at your own industry and see where blockchain projects may disrupt your industry
    • Be able to speak to your board, team or customers about the fundamentals of Blockchain
    • Engage in a more sensible conversation about ICOs as investment and/or as a means of raising capital
    • Win at the Bitcoin Pub Quiz
For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.Website: https://www.blockchainrookies.com/

Twitter: @troy_norcross   @igetblockchain LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/troynorcross/ 

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