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Making Word of Mouth really work

Word of Mouth Marketing is seen as the most powerful way to grow a business, over 80% of all Word of Mouth conversations happen in the real world, between people. We all love stories. Yet most people think it just happens, in fact, there is a method and process to effective WOM.

What is Word of Mouth

Do you really understand what your relationship is with your customers and based on volume and intimacy how you should connect with them? Who are your advocates? How do you co-create and communicate with them and how do you do an effective referral? Word of Mouth should be a key part of your marketing mix and become the way you do business

Who is Graham Wilson

Graham spent 35 years in Healthcare Services, PharmaCo’s, Medical devices, Medical Tech and the Care sector. He was a Founding director in building the world’s biggest Pharmaceutical services and outsourcing business Innovex/Quintiles, driving consistent growth from 30- 60% per annum and from 9 people to 3500 in 11 Countries. During this time Graham lived and worked in the UK, the USA and Europe. Following the sale of Innovex, he Chaired and supported the growth of Healthcare Logistics Ltd to become market leader, from 60 to 800 staff, 174 clients and a significant exit.

Over the past few years Graham has Chaired 6 businesses and been on 11 Boards from £300m to start up, driving strategy and growth

Graham recently qualified as a Business Coach with Shirlaws, a leading Global Coaching business. He has run and developed behaviour programmes that focus on culture and performance for over 30 years and is a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Currently, Graham owns and runs a Care business and is MD of WoM Enterprise Ltd who are involved in leading-edge marketing support through Word of Mouth marketing He continues to Coach clients in multiple sectors.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Graham Wilson will help you:

  • A better understanding of the value of Word of mouth
  • An understanding of the power of advocates
  • Why you need to get your story right
  • Why word of mouth should become embedded in your culture

Learn How to Create Content Quickly for Social Media:

  • Why word of mouth is so important
  • Understanding how we learn and how our customers behave
  • The power of stories
  • The power of real advocates
  • WoM as a culture

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