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Cracking The Code Of High Performance Teamwork

On this edition of Business Connections Live Steve Hyland asks Nick Fewings is CEO of a learning and development company Ngagementworks about Cracking The Code Of High performance Teamwork and why effective teamwork is vital to the success of every organisation and even more so in times of political and economic instability.

Few organisations actually quantify what it is, how to measure it and how to achieve high-performance in teamwork. Understanding why one team performs better than another is hard to crack. Google has spent millions on Project Aristotle with inconclusive results.  However, Nick believes he has cracked it with a combination of behavioural profiling and the Team DyNAmics© Model he created.

Formerly a Change Director with Barclays, Nick is accredited in project and change management and a business behavioural psychologist.  When not working with teams, he speaks at conferences throughout the world about leadership, effective teamwork and the importance of building collaborative relationships. To date, he has spoken at over 400 conferences, most recently in Beijing, where he shared his knowledge and expertise on leading and developing high-performance teams.

He also publishes articles, hints and tips about personal, leadership and team development on his blog site, Yours Behaviourally, where he has recently successfully launched a Pay It Forward initiative, where guest experts are featured and share a tip on teamwork to help others.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Nick will explain:

  • The importance of not only understanding WHO is in your team but also HOW effectively they work together
  • The impact of behaviours on teamwork
  • Getting the balance right between Task and Relationships
  • The most important element of high-performance that the team must all know
  • What the big data reveals about where teams are struggling

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:


  • An appreciation of the importance of understanding not only technical skills of team members but their behavioural preferences
  • Why it is important to regularly measure and review how your team is working together
  • A Balance to their team meetings by focussing not only what needs to be achieved but also how it is achieved
  • What areas to focus on when building high-performance
  • Hints on pitfalls and how to avoid them
For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.Website: : http://www.ngagementworks.com/         Twitter: @nickfewings Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ngagementworks/   Articles: https://yoursbehaviourally.com/ LinkedIn: Nick Fewings

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