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Communications That Convert To Value

When entrepreneurs start a business they are usually passionate about what they do and have a firm belief that it will add value to customers. Sadly, many business leaders find it hard to convey that value in a way that makes it easier to sell.

Once they’ve proven that some people will buy – usually through their determination and passion, the next challenge is to find a way to scale up and still make money. Often the gut feel and drive that got them this far is replaced with a theoretical approach that drains effort and money without delivering an effective return on investment.

On this edition of Business Connections Live on Communications That Convert To Value, we will discuss why ‘less is more’ and the rewards of keeping things very simple with tips on where to focus communications effort so that growth is more likely at less cost and effort.

Crispin Manners helps companies grow more quickly by converting communications into business outcomes by making your offering more compelling to the people who will buy it and turning customers and employees into a volunteer salesforce through active engagement.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Crispin will discuss:

  1. The need to describe the value you deliver to customers NOT what you do
  2. How to build your messages based on your strengths – a strength being something a competitor can’t do as well if not better
  3. To make the value explicit NOT implicit – too many companies expect customers/prospects to read between the lines
  4. Capture your value in a narrative – a yesterday, today, tomorrow story that everyone can understand and tell
  5. Identify why you win and why you don’t – and change where you focus accordingly
  6. Build your communications plan around how many opportunities you need to create to achieve your growth goals
  7. Recognise that communications should focus on two areas – online and current customers – because they will be the two main sources of growth
  8. Identify who your advocates/fans are and activate them in the sales process
  9. Build proof of the value and make this a focus of the online presence

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  1. Much greater clarity about what you will do and why
  2. A simple framework to follow about what you will communicate and why
  3. Clients/Employees that understand the companies point of difference so they communicate it through everything they do
  4. Identify who your best customers are so you can cross-sell and up-sell and capture proof of value more easily
  5. A better sales conversion because you are selling to their strengths and to warm prospects
  6. Save time and money

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