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How to unleash the power of value in your business

Why understanding value is key to defending and growing your business right now


Never has the need to understand and communicate your value been more important. With downward pressure on prices, the temptation to discount to win, and the mirage of almost any business looking like good business there are dangers everywhere.
In this edition, Mike will be looking at value and how understanding and communicating your value effectively can be a lifeline.

We will look at a definition of value (and it’s not what you might think it is!), outline a framework for thinking about value, and reveal, and address The Seven Challenges of Value.

Who is Mike Wilkinson

Co-author of Value-Based Pricing, published by McGraw Hill, The Challenge of Value and more recently The Seven Challenges of Value, Mike is a founder and director of Axia Value Solutions, a training and consulting business that specialises in value. An international speaker and trainer, Mike has worked all over the world spreading the value message.

Whether delivering keynotes, working with your team, or doing group or individual coaching, you can be sure of outstanding results. In todays’ virtual world Mike has recently launched The Value Challenge System, a 14-module program designed to transform the way people sell, moving them from a product to a customer focus, from discounting to win to winning by understanding and communicating value.

His passion is value – helping you to understand, create and deliver great customer value – and get paid for it. it,

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Mike discusses:

  • What is value?
  • The Seven Challenges of Value that every business faces
  • A simple 4-Step Value Sales Process
  • How to make sure you focus on the right opportunities
  • The power of value discovery

You will Learn

  • An answer to the question – what is value?
  • An understanding of the value that you can deliver to your customers using the Value Triad©
  • How to overcome each of the Seven Challenges
  • How to understand, create and deliver great customer value

The Value Sales Checklist

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Website www.axiavalue.com
Twitter AxiaValue
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikewilkinson-thevalueexpert
YouTube http://bit.ly/MikesYouTubeChannel

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