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Using Cyber Security as a Differentiator

One of the common barriers to Cyber Security is that it is seen as a cost.

Done right, particularly in today’s climate of growing awareness of our rights to privacy and data protection, GDPR etc., businesses can use strong security as a differentiator.

Who is Darren Chapman

CyberScale was set up in 2017 by Darren Chapman to deliver pragmatic IT security support and solutions to businesses large and small. CyberScale offers Cyber Security assessments, Data Protection and GDPR data security support, Advisory services and Awareness Programmes. Its particular aim is to enable businesses to prepare and protect themselves without getting in the way of doing business, hence Pragmatic IT Security.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Darren Chapman explains:

    1. How Security has changed over the last few years
    2. 5 Cyber Security Fundamentals
    3. The growing importance of supply chain security
    4. Cyber Security aspects of GDPR/Data Protection
    5. What do we mean by “Pragmatic IT Security”?
    6. Think Investment, not cost

Discover and learn the lessons from successful Leaders including :

    1. Understand what a Cyber Security Strategy should look like
    2. Understand why Cyber Security is important to your clients
    3. Balance Security & Productivity/Agility
    4. Sell Security to your Management Team

Website    www.cyberscale.co.uk
Twitter      @@CyberScaleUK
Facebook  @CyberScaleUK
LinkedIn    cyberscale

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Troy runs through the best use for blockchain technology and why. The big question lies in DATA. Namely, ownership of that data. Bitcoin has no corporation behind it. It is run, owned and managed by the community with no single point of control, which is why it is a poster child for Blockchain. Shared, transparent access to data is the centre key of Blockchain technology. The Data belongs to the community, the Business provides the access.

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