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Streamed live on 9th July 2014

‪https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ – SEO – How to raise your Google Ranking with SEO

Business Connections Live Programme 43 Broadcast 9th July 2014

How can small businesses raise their ranking in the Google search results through Search Engine Optimisation?

99% of all clicks from Google go to the websites on the first page of Google, so search engine ranking results are vital to any business. Small business can compete if they target their local area or focus on a specific niche. There are no magic tricks just good marketing disciplines applied to your website content. Combining good onsite content with offsite promotion is the key to success.

How to Raise your Google Ranking with SEO

On this programme we explore:

  •  What is SEO and why does it matter?
  •  Understanding the importance of rankings on website traffic. The myths and reality of SEO.
  •  Understanding your target market and the key marketing search terms for your business.

Providing dedicated landing pages on your website for those search terms – improves your chances of being found and also the likely conversion to sales or enquiries.

Writing copy that targets the search terms and is optimised for search results – how to structure a good landing page, the type of content and the basics of good onsite SEO.

Promotion of your website across the internet for your key marketing terms – offsite SEO is now more important than ever in good search rankings.

Avoid some of the traps that some businesses fall into like unfocused content, keyword overload, duplicate content and over reaching their target area.

What are the benefits of SEO?

  •  SEO is ‘pull marketing’ attracting those potential clients who are looking for exactly what you provide if done correctly.
  •  SEO can increase traffic to your website and lead to a greater conversion to sales and enquiries
  •  SEO is an investment in your online presence that outlasts other advertising and continues to work for months after publication
  •  SEO allows you to target specific niches or local markets and compete with larger competition.

Mark Rouvray from Activ Web Design

Is the Activ online marketing advisor for the Kingston and Wimbledon area. Mark spent 25 years working in large blue chip organisations and now helps small business to grow their business through a professional online presence.

Activ specialise in providing online marketing solutions for small businesses at affordable, fixed prices. Their clients include business startups, businesses looking to get a professional online presence for the first time and those wanting to grow their business online. Increasingly, their clients are recognising the significance of Search Engine Optimisation and the opportunities to increase leads generated by their website from higher google ranking results.

Their services include: websites, SEO, email marketing, mobile websites, Apps and Social Media.

DOs and 5 DON’Ts for improved Search Engine Optimisation – Available for download at www.thesurreywebdesigner.co.uk

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Business Connections Live Programme 43 – SEO – How to raise your Google Ranking

This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel On YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 43. Broadcast 9th July 2014


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