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Fabulous Women is a business network on a mission to help you! on this edition we talk about “How Networking Can Support Charities”.

We talk to Jane Hardy and Jill Bennett from Fabulous Women about the benefits of NetWinning and how networking organisations are now using their collective power to support charities. Breast Cancer Now is one such charity that is working towards a number of goals. They hope that by 2050, everyone who gets breast cancer will live, and that they make sure they fund the most impactful research.

Breast Cancer Now’s research is focused on four key areas – risk and prevention, early detection and diagnosis, treatment and secondary breast cancer.  We believe this approach to research will allow us to achieve our ambition and stop breast cancer taking lives.

Fabulous Women’s mission is to make running your business more rewarding. More fun, more fulfilling … and, of course, more successful which they do by bringing you together with like-minded people in a warm, friendly environment and by creating a host of opportunities for your personal and business growth. And they’re delighted to welcome men who share their values too!

Breast Cancer Now and Fabulous Women are partnering this year to raise money for the charity. The event will be held at The Grosvenor Casino, Victoria, London and is called The Mind, Body, Fun Experience. Tickets are available from  fabulous-women.co.uk


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