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Brexit What Now? BCL256

Where to now and our standing in Europe.

On 12th March 2019 the Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal was rejected again. She will ask the EU for a delay to Brexit. But if parliament reject her deal again then she says she will seek a longer extension from the EU – but any delay has to be agreed by the 27 other EU member states.

Extending our departure beyond three months would mean that the UK would have to take part in May’s European Parliament elections.

As the law hasn’t been changed, we could still technically leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

We discuss the effect on UK business and asking if the uncertainty is undermining our forward planning?

Who is Linda Bazant

Linda Bazant is a Barrister and member of the Brexit Advisory Team.. She is a member of Gray’s Inn and the Bar Association of Commerce and Finance in Industry. Specializing in corporate and media law with special emphasis on compliance and corporate governance, she advises major blue-chip companies on the implementation of legal process and procedures.

She continues to be a keynote speaker for the Data Protection World Forum and panel member on Brexit for Surrey Chambers of Commerce and Enterprise M3/LEP in addition to providing consultancy and bespoke training for her clients and regular webinars.

Engaging customers and prospects in the right way bring huge value to both parties. Helping business to find more opportunities and converting more enquiries into sales. Anthony doesn’t teach people how to sell, but simply shows them how to help their customers to buy

Who is Gordon Colquhoun

Gordon Colquhoun is a co-director of the Brexit Advisory Team which is committed to supporting their clients successfully engage and navigate through the Brexit process. Our core expertise is based on a multi-disciplinary team with experience and knowledge across a range of environments.

The foundation of our consultancy is built on strong relationships with international law firms and academia, which enables us to underpin our service provision with relevant legal and regulatory knowledge.



On the programme, Gordon and Linda will discuss:

  • No deal at a later date
  • A further vote on PMs deal
  • Longer extension for major re-negotiation
  • Another referendum
  • Call a general election
  • No confidence vote
  • No Brexit
  • PM resignation and Conservative leadership campaign

You will understand more about:

  • Preparing your business for Brexit

  • Impact assessments

  • Tariff awareness

  • EU employee status and immigration requirements

  • Re-visiting existing contracts governed by EU law

  • Choice of court jurisdiction in a dispute

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