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How SME employers can prepare to Managing the Workforce of tomorrow

It is challenging recruiting for today’s work environment sometimes it’s skills shortages, lack of available talent or a general labour shortage in many business sectors. So, having undertaken the ‘hard work’ of finding great people to work a business – what else needs to be considered?
Employers need to monitor the need for upskilling within teams to ensure the skillset and experience of employees is able to ‘flex’ with the needs of the business and evolve to continue to meet those needs.
What needs to be considered and how easy is it to achieve?
We will be discussing various ideas to help SME businesses plan and execute the best approaches to enable them to manage the workforce of tomorrow.

Who is Martine Robins.

Martine Robins is the owner of The HR Dept Woking & Guildford providing outsource HR support to a variety of SME businesses in and around the Woking and Guildford areas.
Martine understands the challenges that face SME businesses but more importantly helps them to grow their business by providing great HR support including improving their productivity and recruiting the right people.
Martine works with businesses to ensure that they have the right people strategy to support their growth plans without any of the employment risks.


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Martine Robins will explain:

  • How can I recruit effectively for my business?
  • What is ‘upskilling’ and how can it work in my business?
  • What do I need to consider if I am developing my workforce?
  • What if I don’t have the right skills in my business now?
  • The skills and knowledge needed in my business is highly specialised/rare so I am struggling to find them – what can I do?
  • How can ‘technology’ help me when I am not sure what will be needed?

Learn the business fundamentals on:

  • Tips on finding the right candidates
  • Using training and development to mutual benefit
  • Ideas on thinking differently about recruitment
  • Utilising technology to add value to your business

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Twitter @Martine_HR
Instagram martinerobinshr

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