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Do we need a Fairer Tax System for SMEs

Are UK business getting a rough deal from HMRC? Do we need a Fairer Tax System for SMEs.
Deals by international corporations with HMRC are rattling SMEs and UK business. We need a level playing field with everybody obeying and playing by the same rules.

Antonio Falco – Small Business Champion, discusses the disparity between the way large international corporations are treated compared to the way SMEs and UK business are treated by HMRC. This all adds to the other existing issues that SMEs have including being paid late by customers = this can cause cash flow problems  and even cause a business to stop  trading though lack of cash. It’s a form of corporate bullying and should NOT be allowed to continue.  The FSB is working with central government on possible ways to stop this by making it illegal.

Another big issue for small business is the high cost of business rates imposed by  HMRC on top of the rent charged by the landlord. In fact it’s the way HMRC treat small businesses in general , they are disrespectful of the contribution we make to the whole economy.

ANTONIO FALCO, Sales and Business Consultant  by day and Regional  Chairman for Surrey & West Sussex Federation of Small Businesses  in the evenings and weekends.


Do we need a Fairer Tax System for SMEs, Antonio also explains why you should:

  • Approach your local small business organisation to lobby government on your behalf.
  • Add your say to online petitions representing your small business views.
  • Keep up with your accounts – what people owe you and what you owe, not only to suppliers but taxes, rates etc.

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can also:

  • Be proud of who you are and what you do – a good sales man not only knows his product but believes in it – if you don’t how can anyone else ?
  • Value your staff, they are a vital part of the success of your business
  • Maintain a work / life balance – a sick person cannot perform well. Your health is an essential part of your company’s health!
  • Never give up, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Microsoft, so invest time and patience in your business

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